Friday, 4 September 2009

Monday August 24th

Today, I begin to send texts to my clients, cancelling their sessions. I tell them that, due to a ‘family emergency’ I shall not be able to see them for now. I feel angry that I have to do this. This is part of my livelihood, but, more importantly, it is work that I enjoy doing and I feel that I want to continue helping these people as I can no longer help Hugh. I recognise that this is my need, rather than that of my clients.

On the phone, Kathy is still brisk and business-like but I am relieved when she tells me that, after all this is over, she will be taking a couple of weeks off work. I think it will hit her hard once she is no longer busy organising everything.

Claire has learned that the police have visited Debbie and that she has now broken the news to Paul. She has told him that Daddy was very ill and is now in Heaven. Paul was sitting in the corner holding the mobile phone that Hugh had bought him in order to keep in touch with him. When the WPC asked him what he was doing, he replied that he was ‘waiting for Daddy to ring from Heaven.’

Debbie has been advised not to come to the funeral. I have mixed feelings about this. We need to keep in contact with her as she is the mother of Hugh’s child but I have no wish to see her. She has caused Hugh such enormous problems and upset and I wish with all my heart that he had never set eyes on her.

Claire has gone back to Hugh’s house today and is talking to me on the phone as she sifts through some of his belongings. When Debbie left, Hugh was persuaded to rent the house to her cousin, who repaid the favour by dealing drugs from there. When he discovered this and evicted her, she made sure she trashed the house before leaving, leaving him with an uninhabitable house which he couldn’t re-let and so couldn’t pay the mortgage on. It is now about to be repossessed.

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