Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Saturday August 22nd

A lovely sunny day and all I can think is that Hugh is missing it. Paddy still doesn’t get his walk.

I email various people and get emails back, all telling of their shock and condolences. Keith has a job to go to but doesn’t want to leave me alone. I reassure him that I will be fine. I do still feel OK after my counselling session yesterday but I worry about this. I know I am not in denial as I can accept that what has happened has happened. There are more phone calls between myself and my daughters. It seems pretty certain that the funeral can be on Friday.
A major from the army calls to see us and offer condolences and any help we may need.
Kathy reports that her father has tried to stipulate that I am to come to the funeral without Keith, which she told him is not going to happen. I am left wondering how he and James can possibly keep up stupid feuds in the face of this calamity which has hit us all like a brick.


Dale said...

So sad to carry on a dispute. As though there weren't enough misery in this already.
Please keep writing, Jenny, if you feel it helps. I can tell you it has helped me in the past.

Peace and blessings.

Jennyta said...

Thanks, Dale, I will.