Thursday, 19 August 2010

The anniversary

Today is the anniversary of Hugh's death. Kathy came over yesterday and stayed overnight. We had an Indian takeaway and rather too much wine, which meant that today I have been in a somewhat 'delicate' state, but it was worth it. We had a good evening in memory of Hugh. Claire came today and tonight, she and Kathy planned to meet up in Liverpool with their and Hugh's friends.
Kathy brought the report from the IPCC (at last).
The events of the fateful night last year are here and I have very clear memories of the attitude of the police when we were at the police station in Bradford the following day. They were very apologetic, comments were made about the certainty that people would be disciplined over the way the whole thing was handled and we got instant access to very senior officers who even offered to arrange overnight hotel accommodation for us at their expense, something which I wouldn't imagine is routinely offered to everyone. But the result of the year-long investigation is a whitewash. No one has been criticised over the lack of action, even though mention is twice made of referrals being sent to the wrong people. Kathy was told that, unfortunately, when she contacted the police, she didn't actually mention the word 'suicide'. If she had, that would have put it on the highest priority. Oh well, now we know.
I don't imagine there is anything we can do about the report but now we have to wait again - first for the CID to do their report on what led up to Hugh's suicide and then for the inquest - probably another twelve months.


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The worst thing is the way that all large organisations these days are very quick to justify their actions but never get round to apologising. To them that would be equivalent to having to admit that someone, somewhere did actually get it wrong.