Sunday, 29 August 2010

In memory of Hugh

We were invited by Paul's mother, Debbie, to a short gathering in Northcliffe Park, Shipley yesterday. It would have been Hugh's 31st birthday and she wanted to mark the occasion for Paul. She had arranged to have a small tree planted with a plaque and planned to let off some balloons and make it a celebration of Hugh's life which would be meaningful for Paul.
Keith and I and Claire were able to go and just after midday, we set off up a path to the highest point of the park, where the tree and plaque were already in place. Debbie had organised a local pastor to say a few words before the balloons were let off.
 The whole thing only took about half an hour, but during that time, the sun was out and the sky was blue in places. Paul was brilliant. He accepted that this was Daddy's birthday celebration and loved letting the balloons off. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to sort out my phone camera quickly enough to capture the sight of the balloons drifting into the distance, but only got a photo of the view from that spot.
As Claire said afterwards, Hugh would appreciate it and the white butterfly that we always see on these occasions was fluttering around the tree.


Yorkshire Pudding said...

How lovely. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that passers-by respect the site so that in a few years time the tree - like Paul - will have grown to maturity.

Jennyta said...

Yes, that crossed my mind too, YP. One can only hope that it will remain intact but there were no signs of vandalism around that I could see.

Grumpy Old Ken said...

One heck of an occasion, something to remember and cherish.

Jennyta said...

Yes indeed, Ken.