Thursday, 17 November 2011

In the genes

Working on my family tree, as I have been over the last few months, I have found myself focusing on my paternal great grandfather's family. Charles (Frederick or Ernest- take your pick) Perkins, who joined the army as soon as he could and, once there, proceeded to find himself in constant trouble for drink-related issues. Eventually, the penny dropped that maybe he wasn't acting in his best interests and could do with calming down a bit and toeing the line, which he did and emerged twenty one years later at sergeant rank.
Ever since I can remember, Hugh wanted to join the army. He could have had a place in Wellbeck College, the army's sixth form college, and gone from there to Sandhurst, but he decided against that. He was very intelligent and well read but had had enough of school, which was, perhaps, somewhat short-sighted as he didn't suffer fools gladly and sometimes found himself in frustrating situations where, as an officer, he could have had more influence.
I somehow think that Charles and Hugh would have got on pretty well.

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