Saturday, 15 September 2012

Little boxes

In my head, I have a couple of boxes filled with things that are stored away and only to be taken out when the time is right and I feel I want to look at them. This morning, taking Paddy out for a walk, I spotted a car parked on the top road, with someone slumped over the steering wheel. Unlikely but predictable thoughts ran through my mind. I couldn't just walk away; I had to satisfy myself that all was well with the occupant of the car, so I knocked gently on the passenger window. To my relief, the youth sat up and it appeared that the car had run out of diesel and his friend had gone off to get some, so all was well indeed and I continued on my way.
Down in the valley, I sat down by the lake for a moment, to contemplate the beauty of the morning and to take a brief peep inside Hugh's box...


Anonymous said...

Things in boxes - now that's a good idea.

Jennyta said...

I find it helpful, Lucy. ;)