Saturday, 30 July 2016


If you are in the armed forces, you are expected to make a will, for obvious reasons. This is about someone who did this and named a friend and fellow soldier as his executor, an action which has since had unforeseen and disastrous consequences. He had talked about changing this arrangement and naming a family member as executor but unfortunately, didn't get round to it before his untimely death.
So, fast forward to last year, when it was discovered that large amounts of money were being drawn from the account, to the extent that the bank concerned became suspicious and the police were alerted. What made it worse, was that this so-called friend was giving various  excuses as to why the money was needed, for example,  to repair damage caused to property by the child whose trust fund he was responsible for, all of which were, of course, complete lies.
Over a period of several years, a large amount of money was gradually syphoned out of the account, leaving only a fraction of the total, and was apparently spent on a variety of things to benefit this criminal and his family.
Yesterday, after sterling work by the police, he was brought to justice and given a custodial sentence.
Don't read too much into his assurance that he intends to pay it all back.
If that were true, he wouldn't have taken it in the first place and it's all too easy to be remorseful when you've been caught.
It's hard to imagine a more cynical betrayal of trust. Comrades in the army, who at times may well have depended on each other for their safety, even their lives, know a depth of solidarity and  friendship unlike that of many of the rest of us, and of course, that makes the actions of this man all the more despicable.


Helsie said...

How awful for you. It seems to never end.

Yorkshire Pudding said...

That story is a legacy you can do without. The selfish git has effectively stolen money from a fatherless child. Awful.

Jenny Aspin said...

That's how we feel, Helsie.
YP, I am really at a loss to understand how someone who claimed to be such a close friend could do this to that friend's child.

Dale said...

Greed. It's always about greed, isn't it? Greed will eventually spell the end of mankind. It's spoiling our lakes and rivers. It's choking our seas with non-biodegradable rubbish. It's the motive for robbery, fraud, embezzlement, battery, even murder. It is poisonous to relationships. I recall the gritty wisdom of Dad:

"Beware of money ... It'll turn friendship to hen shit."

Sorry this is happening, Jenny. It keeps the wound raw, doesn't it?

Dirt Faerie said...

Fucker's gone down now. God help him when he gets out...